Emil Folino


I teach web programming at Blekinge Institute of Technology. We teach hyflex-courses with student cohorts of upwards of 300 students.

My main interests in teaching is using the native technologies of the web HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create accessible and fast web pages.


Used to do programming as a full-time job. I have been hired by three different companies. By TracTrac as a student-programmer doing Ruby on Rails, by Ventiro as a consultant for four years mostly doing PHP and JavaScript, by WIP doing mostly JavaScript.

My GitHub profile can be found at github.com/emilfolino.


I am currently involved in a externally financed educational research project financed by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

We are working on distance education improvement and have conducted two studies during 2022. A Delphi-study on instructor challenges and a survey study on how students perceived distance education.

The Delphi study resulted in an article titled The relative importance of distance education challenges to instructors in higher education – A ranking-type Delphi study published in Education and Information Technology.

I had the pleasure of explaining my teaching filosophy and survival tactics in big online courses at a Swedish Council for Higher Education seminar.


Born in Hillerød, Denmark in 1986, but have since 2007 lived, studied and worked in Sweden. I run orienteering at an elite master's level and up until 2011 when I blew my left knee I was among the 50 best in the world. I enjoy tasting wine as can be seen below. Dad to three wonderful children.

I love to read, an overview of the books I read can be found.

Emil drinking champagne